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Prof. Jeffery Long (Elizabethtown College)

Thursday, March 30, 2023, 04:30pm - 06:30pm

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Relativity Within and Without: Anekāntavāda in the Context of Jain Practice and its Implications for the Philosophy of Religion

In this presentation, Dr. Jeffery Long will discuss a set of philosophical concepts from the Jain tradition of India and explore the relevance of these concepts to contemporary issues in the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science.

This presentation will first give an overview of anekāntavāda, the Jain doctrine of the complexity of existence, along with its epistemological and hermeneutical corollaries: nayavāda (the doctrine of perspectives) and syādvāda (the doctrine of conditional predication). These doctrines will be examined within the context of Jain thought and practice. Then their implications for the contemporary philosophy of religion will be explored, specifically within the realm of religious pluralism and with regard to current dialogues between religion and science (and between religious and secular worldviews in general).

More broadly speaking, this presentation will be making a case for the importance of cross-cultural philosophy not only for the sake of greater appreciation of diverse cultures, but for the advancement of philosophy as such.
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Location Alexander Library Multipurpose Room