Brian McLaughlin

Brian P. McLaughlin
Professor II; Director of the Rutgers Center for Philosophy and the Sciences

Contact Information
Office: Seminary 1 - 311
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (732) 932-9861
Ph.D., North Carolina
Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophical Logic
Research and Professional Activities
Edited Books
  • Actions and Events: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson (Blackwell, 1985). (Wirh Ernest LePore)
  • Perspectives on Self-Deception, co-edited with Amelie O. Rorty (University of California Press, 1988). Pp.1-9. (With Amelie O. Rorty.)
  • Dretske and His Critics, editor (Blackwell, 1991). Pp.ix-xvii.
  • Oxford Handbook for the Philosophy of Mind (Oxford, forthcoming). (With Ansgar Beckermann.)
  • Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Mind (Blackwell, forthcoming). (With Jonathan Cohen.)
Journal Articles and Book Chapters
  • "Event Supervenience and Supervenient Causation," Southern Journal of Philosophy, Spindel Issue on Supervenience, (1984):73-91.
  • "Perception, Causation, and Supervenience," Midwest Studies in Philosophy , 9, (1984):569-91.
  • "Anomalous Monism and the Irreducibility of the Mental," in Actions and Events: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson , (Blackwell, 1985), pp.331-68.
  • "Actions, Reasons, Causes, and Intentions," in Actions and Events: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson , (Blackwell, 1985), pp.3-13. (With Ernest LePore.)
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Encyclopedia and Philosophical Dictionaries
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Book Reviews
  • Review of Brian Loar's Mind and Meaning, in Review of Metaphysics (1987): 589-90.
  • Review of Fred Dretske's Explaining Behavior: Reasons in a World of Causes, C, Philosophical Review (1991): 641-45.
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  • "Why Tom Sawyer Stood on His Head," a review of Timothy Williamson's Knowledge and its Limits, in Times Literary Supplement, July 14, 2002, pp. 12-13. (With John Hawthorne.)


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