Anne Ashbaugh

Visiting Professor
Contact Information
Phone: (732) 932-9861
M.A., Louvain University; Ph.D., Duquesne University
Ancient Greek Phil., Phil. of Literature
Research and Professional Activities
The understanding of pleasure that emerges from Plato's dialogues
Selected Publications
  • Plato's Theory of Explanation, Albany: State University of New York Press, 1988
  • Mujeres ensayistas del Caribe hispánico: Hilvanando el silencio, With Lourdes Rojas and Raquel Romeu, editorial Verbum, Madrid, 2007.
    (My portion of the book selects and discusses informal philosophies in the works of Puerto Rican essayists)


  • "The Role of the Body in the Constitutive Phase of Knowledge," Man and World, 1980.
  • "An Analysis of Repetition and Recollection," Kierkegaard and the Great Traditions, ed. N. Thulstrup, Hellerup, Denmark: Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana, 1981.
  • "Crónica de la Sociedad de Nietzsche," La Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia, 1981.
  • "The Sameness of Thinking and Being," International Studies in Philosophy, 1983.
  • "The Fool in the Farce," Philosophy Today, 1983.
  • "The Singular Individual: Standpoint of a Renounced Authorship," Man and World, 1986.
  • "La verdad de la ficcion: una lectura de La República, 376e5 - 377a6," La Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofia, 1992.
  • "Utopic Embodiment: A Standpoint for Reading Latin American Women Writers," (With Lourdes Rojas); Proceedings of The International Society for Latin American Studies, 1994.
  • "Plato's Republic,@ Salina Press References, 1994.
  • "Reluctant Freedom: Constructing the Ethical Subject in Plato's Crito and Levinas' Entre Nous," Inquiry, 2001.

In preparation for submission

  • The Stoic Currents of Spanish Short Maxims
  • A study of Seneca's influence on Spanish formulaic statements (Refranes). The account aims to show the shared philosophical strand in Iberic and Latin American thought that these maxims promulgate.