Faculty. Alvin Goldman
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Office: 106 Somerset St - 526  
Email: goldman@philosophy.rutgers.edu
Phone: (848) 932-0410  


My first book (A Theory of Human Action) combined metaphysics and philosophy of mind. I then moved primarily into epistemology, developing causal reliabilism as an approach to knowledge and justification. This yielded such books as Epistemology and Cognition (1986) and Reliabilism and Contemporary Epistemology (2012). Similar themes are pursued in social epistemology, where I stress the importance of assessing many institutions in truth-conduciveness terms (Knowledge in a Social World, 1999). I now edit a journal (Episteme) partly devoted to social epistemology. Other currently active pursuits include cognitive science (and neuroscience), where I write on 'theory of mind' (mentalizing), social cognition, and embodied cognition (Simulating Minds, 2006).