Jill North
Associate Professor
Specialties: Philosophy of Physics
Email: j.north@rutgers.edu
Office: 106 Somerset St - 530
Phone: (848) 932-0414





I got my BA in physics and philosophy at Yale and my PhD in philosophy at Rutgers. I have previously taught at NYU (as a Bersoff fellow), Yale, and Cornell.

I work primarily in philosophy of physics (across a range of theories, including statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, relativity, classical mechanics, and quantum mechanics). I also have interests in metaphysics, especially the metaphysics of physics, and philosophy of science. At the moment I am particularly interested in issues surrounding the idea of structure in physics and mathematics, and the related issue of the equivalence of different formulations of a physical theory (such as different formulations of classical mechanics). I am also thinking about how to best understand the traditional debate about spacetime ontology—the question of whether spacetime exists, over and above ordinary material objects.