• Albert Blumberg


Albert Blumberg taught at Rutgers from 1965 to 1977. During that time he helped plan and organize Livingston College, built the Livingston Philosophy Department, serving as its chair from 1969 until 1975, and was repeatedly elected president of Livingston’s faculty governing body. He taught logic, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of science, published a widely used introductory logic text, and translated the work of Moritz Schlick. Under his leadership as chair, the Livingston Philosophy Department taught for the first time at Rutgers courses such as: Contemporary Moral and Social Issues, Philosophical Issues in the Black Experience, Philosophical Issues in Feminism, and Race and Class. He also had a robust political life. Blacklisted during the McCarthy period, he was unable to obtain academic work for many years. After retiring from Rutgers, he became the elected Democratic District Leader of the 71st assembly district in New York, chaired the Policy Committee of the NY County Democratic Party, was the President of the Audubon Reform Democratic Club, served as an advisor to Mayor David Dinkins, and was the President of the Congress of Senior Citizens of Greater NY. In addition to his public service, he tutored many young people in his neighborhood, primarily in mathematics/logic, and encouraged them to pursue a college degree.

[Further information: https://www.nytimes.com/1997/10/13/nyregion/albert-blumberg-91-philosopher-and-communist.html]