• Alec D. Walen
  • Alec D. Walen
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Specialties: Law, Philosophy and Criminal Justice
  • Phone: (856) 225-2658



My work is centrally concerned with formulating a good account of moral rights and with the nature of deontology more broadly. I work out my theory of rights, and apply it to the context of self and other defense, in The Right to Defend Against Threats: A Case Study in Rights Theory (Oxford University Press, expected publication date: February 2019).”.In early 2017 I drafted a book on just war theory and the theory of rights: “Eliminative Killing: A Case Study in Rights Theory (under review at Oxford University Press). I am also working on a second book, articulating a general liberal theory of detention: "Detention in a Liberal State" (Under Conpact at Oxford University Press).

Professor Walen holds a joint appointment in the School of Law, the Philosophy Department (New Brunswick), and the Program in Criminal Justice (New Brunswick).