• Peter Klein
  • Peter Klein
  • Professor
  • Degree, Univ: Ph.D., Yale University 1966.  
  • Specialties: Epistemology






Peter Klein’s current research focuses on these topics in epistemology:

(1) development and defense of infinitism as a solution to the epistemic regress problem;

(2) development and defense of the defeasibility solution to the Gettier Problem and its ability to successfully respond to various forms of skepticism.

Some of his more recent publications are: “What Makes Knowledge the Most Highly Prized Type of Belief?” The Sensitivity Principle in Epistemology, T. Black & K. Becker (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2012, 152-169; Ad Infinitum: New Essays on Epistemological Infinitism, co-edited with John Turri, Oxford University Press., 2014; “Infinitism,” The Continuum Companion to Epistemology, A. Cullison (ed.), Continuum International Publishing Group, 2012, 72-91; “Reasons, Reasoning and Knowledge: A Proposed Rapprochement between Infinitism and Foundationalism,” Ad Infinitum: New Essays on Epistemological Infinitism, P. Klein and J. Turri (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2014, 105-124; “No Final End in Sight,” Current Controversies in Epistemology, R. Neta (ed), Routledge, 2014, 95-115.