• Timothy Perrine
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Degree, Univ: Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Specialties: Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion


Timothy Perrine works primarily in epistemology, ethics, and the philosophy of religion. He is interested in the ethical and normative elements of our cognitive lives such as the value of beliefs, our obligations to inquire, and the significance of relying on others when forming beliefs. He’s published over thirty papers in peer reviewed journals.


Timothy Perrine is part of the Perceiving Divine Presence Grants. He is interested in the epistemology significance of experience of invisible agents being present to individuals. His research focuses on two specific questions. First, does the character and distribution of these experience provide evidence for or against monotheistic religions? That is, does the character and distribution of these experience make monotheistic religions more reasonable or less reasonable? Second, for people undergoing these experiences, do those experiences share the psychological and normative features that perception normally has? That is, for people having these experiences, would those experiences make belief in supernatural agents more reasonable? In answering these questions, he draws on some recent work in psychology, anthropology, and sociology.