• Barry Loewer
  • Barry Loewer
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Specialties: Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mind
  • Office: 106 Somerset St - 510
  • Phone: (848) 932-6768





When I was an undergraduate (at Amherst College) I was bugging my physics professor about what probability means and my history professor about counterfactuals (“if Kennedy had not be assassinated then the Vietnam war…..” and they sent me to the philosophy department. There they took such questions seriously but they didn’t provide answers. One of my teachers (Joe Epstein) told me that I would have to find answers for myself and that it would take a long time if ever. I am still thinking about them. On Epstein’s advice I went to grad school at Stanford intending to do logic and philosophy of physics with Patrick Suppes. I ended up writing a dissertation on modality and the semantics of names with Jaakko Hintikka. My first job was at the University of South Carolina where I met David Albert and got back to Philosophy of Physics co-authoring with David papers on philosophy of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics. Currently David and I are co-PIs for a big project in Philosophy of Cosmology. . I moved to Rutgers in 1989 and have been chair and grad director. I usually teach courses and seminars in philosophy of science and philosophical logic.