Are you eligible to take an independent study?

Students with an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 may register for an independent study. This is a self-directed project under the supervision of a member of our faculty. We recommend reviewing their research interests.

*Credits: determined 'by arrangement'.


  • 730:393___Fall Semester; Lower-level
  • 730:493___Fall Semester; Upper-level
  • 730:394___Spring Semester; Lower-level
  • 730:494___Spring Semester; Upper-level


  • Students should first contact their preferred advisor to request permission to work under their supervision.
  • Once permission has been granted, students are required to fill out our Independent Study Proposal Form 
  • Students should attach the advisor's email to the proposal form for departmental records 
  • Only upon turning in the completed proposal form that displays the faculty member's signature will the student be given a special permission number to register. To obtain a special permission number, please email the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, or stop by the Philosophy Department (106 Somerset St. CAC).