• Instructor: Bolton, Martha Brandt
  • Description:

    01 (M. Bolton) Required texts David Hume, Enquiry concerning Human Understanding Lady Mary Shepherd, Selected Writings, ed. Boyle George Berkeley. Principles of Human Knowledge and Three Dialogues, ed. Robinson William James, Pragmatism and Other Writings, ed. Gunn

    Course requirements Students are expected to attend all meetings of the course and complete all reading assignments on the date for which they are assigned. There may be weekly discussion questions. Exams: there will be two mid-term take-home essay exams and a final take-home essay exam. Grades on the exams will determine roughly 85% of the grade in the course.

    Learning goals Basic understanding of three main philosophical systems which have shaped modern philosophy up to the present. Increasing skills in analyzing arguments and talking and writing about abstract subjects.

  • Credits: 3
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